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As a part of the WP Golf Operations in central Minnesota, the WP Golf Institute covers four properties with world class instruction and game improvement.

Based out of Oak Marsh Golf Club in Oakdale MN., the goal of the Institute is to help you, the golfer, improve your golf game and ultimately your enjoyment of this wonderful game of golf.

From junior golfers to aspiring tour players, we offer an extensive choice of programs to help all golfers. Feel free to stroll the web page and find something that may suit your needs.

The institute is not just a teaching program though. We are dedicated to continual research and data collection in the game of golf, all designed to help the golfer play to their highest potential.

As we grow in our knowledge of golf through testing, research, the latest technology, and newest learning techniques, we would like you to grow with us. We invite you to come along with us on this endeavor of proper golf technique, game improvement, and ultimately your enjoyment of golf.
Practice makes permanent.

Bad practice makes bad golfers.

Correct practice means real improvement.