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The golf instructors at the Institute are all trained on the same teaching platform. We believe that each person is built differently and should swing the golf club according to their body type, physical strength/flexibility, and mental makeup. They are all trained in teaching the same techniques from putting to short game to full swing. Personalities may differ but the research and tested techniques stay the same.

Daryl Smoliak
Daryl has been a golf teaching professional for more than 19 years. He spent 14 years in Forest Lake, MN during the summers and over 9 years at Pueblo Golf Club in Phoenix, AZ during the winter months. He annually attends the Southwest Section of the PGA Teaching & Coaching Summit. He has two sons, Brian & Scott as well as three granddaughters Shelby, Makenna & Allison. He also has one grandson Weston. Two of his hobbies and or interests are the Minnesota Twins and horses. Daryl is now booking lessons at your convenience. Please call 651-785-5794 or email him at barbarosgolf@gmail.com.

Scott Rindahl
Originally from Galesville, Wisconsin, Scott played for the golf team at Winona State University in Minnesota. Scott has played competitively for over 15 years as a PGA Professional in the Minnesota Section. Scott attended the 1991 PGA Teaching & Coaching Summit and continues to improve his teaching techniques donating his time to community education in golf. Scott is the Head Professional at Willow Creek Golf Club in Rochester. He lives in Stewartville with his wife Bonnie and daughter Marie.

Steve Whillock
Steve is the Director of Golf at Oak Marsh Golf Club and has been with WP Golf Operations for over 20 years.

Originally from Wisconsin, Steve has an impressive teaching resume which includes being voted one of Minnesota's Best Golf Instructors by Golf Digest in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2009.

Steve was awarded Minnesota PGA Teacher of the Year in 2003.

Chris Borgen
Chris grew up playing junior golf in Minnesota. He moved on to play Division 1 golf at the University of Houston followed by 7 years of professional golf on a mini tour and in PGA tour events.

For the past 12 years he has been teaching golf and learning more about the game, swing, and how to increase the speed and consistency of golf movements. He has worked with some of the best teachers and players in the game and continues to expand his knowledge by learning biomechanics and training golf fitness in the off season.

   PGA-Professional Golf Association
   TPI- Titleist Performance Institute
   PRI- Postural Restoration Institute (myokinamatic restoration)
   NASM-National Academy of Sports Medicine
   MN PGA asst. player of year 2010&2012

Angie Ause
PGA professional Angie Ause is a Twin Cities golf instructor offering real-world strategies that help players reach their utmost potential. With more than 15 years of teaching experience, Angie's lessons are personalized and fun while helping you take your game to the next level.

Angie's goal after each lesson is for you to feel confident that you understand yourself better and know what needs to be done to improve your game. You'll go through an array of drills to play more effectively and hone your skills.

Angie offers a wide range of year-round lessons and services for all ability levels, whether you're an expert brushing up on skills or a beginner who wants to start out right. No matter your abilities, you'll learn to better understand your own game so in the future, you can self-correct and reach your personal best.