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2017 March Madness Point Totals through round 6
1stKevin F. from Woodbury, MN515
2ndAndy E. from Minneapolis, MN495
3rdDallas S. from Woodbury, MN485
4thDebra M. from Lake Elmo, MN475
5thMatt A. from White Bear Lake, MN460
5thSam W. from Cottage Grove, MN460
5thWyatt R. from Oakdale, MN460
8thBurke H. from Woodbury, MN455
8thMatthew H. from St Paul, MN455
10thJim L. from Woodbury, MN450
11thRockney M. from Woodbury, MN445
12thDave Y. from St. Paul, MN440
13thJohn S. from Woodbury, MN425
14thDale O. from Maplewood, MN420
14thJoe N. from Eau Claire, WI420
14thMarcus S. from Saint Paul, MN420
14thMichael M. from Oakdale, MN420
19thTyler H. from Woodbury, MN415
20thAndrew K. from Cottage Grove, MN410
20thDAVE P. from WOODBURY, MN410
20thJohn N. from Saint Paul, MN410
20thMark J. from Brooklyn Park, MN410
20thNancy J. from New Brighton, MN410
25thBrian D. from West st paul, MN400
26thRALPH C. from SHOREVIEW, MN395
27thMark R. from Maplewood, MN385
28thAndrew J. from Birchwood Village, MN380
28thEvelyn J. from Maplewood, MN380
28thJohn S. from Shoreview, MN380
31stBruce B. from Oakdale, MN375
31stEd S. from Edina, MN375
31stSean M. from Blaine, MN375
31stTeri G. from WHITE BEAR LAKE, MN375
35thBrian G. from Eagan, MN370
35thCraig S. from North Saint Paul, MN370
35thJake L. from SAINT LOUIS PARK, MN370
38thDarren R. from Prescott, WI365
38thDerek H. from Cottage Grove, MN365
38thDoug K. from Cottage Grove, MN365
38thKristian K. from Minneapolis, MN365
42ndJoe K. from Woodbury, MN360
43rdEdwin N. from Maplewood, MN355
43rdGeorge A. from Oakdale, MN355
43rdMichael H. from Woodbury, MN355
46thSteve H. from Woodbury, MN350
48thBen W. from Brooklyn Park, MN345
48thHarold P. from Oakdale, MN345
48thPaul G. from Sarasota, FL345
51stCharlie J. from Oakdale, MN340
52ndGary J. from Richfield, MN335
52ndKenneth Q. from Cottage grove, MN335
52ndMatt J. from Oakdale, MN335
55thCraig B. from Mahtomedi, MN330
55thMatt J. from Woodbury, MN330
57thDon B. from Cottage grove, MN325
57thDr. Chuck K. from White Bear Lake, MN325
59thKeith Y. from Inver Grove Hgts, MN320
59thRich A. from Woodbury, MN320
61stJeff B. from Woodbury, MN315
62ndBrett K. from Rosemount, MN310
62ndBrian P. from Oakdale, MN310
62ndGlen B. from South St. Paul, MN310
62ndTom M. from Hammond, WI310
66thJim R. from Waconia, MN305
66thJoe R. from Lake Elmo, MN305
66thMatt H. from Eagan, MN305
66thMike K. from Cottage Grove, MN305
70thBret L. from Lake Elmo, MN295
70thKenneth W. from West Saint Paul, MN295
70thPatrick R. from Eden Prairie, MN295
70thPaul M. from White Bear Lake, MN295
70thRichard S. from Woodbury, MN295
70thRobert H. from Saint paul, Mn295
76thAndy B. from Cottage Grove, MN290
76thDavid D. from Warren, OH290
76thDonna K. from Cottage Grove, MN290
76thRONALD N. from Bloomington, MN290
80thJeff H. from Blaine, MN285
80thJustin S. from Woodbury, MN285
80thRyan E. from Brooklyn park, MN285
80thScott E. from North Branch, MN285
84thBryan O. from Eagan, MN280
84thJon K. from Robbinsdale, MN280
84thRyan P. from Vadnais Heights, MN280
87thPhil B. from Cottage grove, MN275
88thMark S. from Newport, MN270
88thScott G. from Shakopee, MN270
90thPaul F. from Stillwater, MN265
90thThomas L. from Woodbury, MN265
92ndAnn M. from Oakdale, MN260
92ndMatthew A. from White Bear Lake, MN260
94thDan G. from Lakeville, MN255
94thJoe V. from Mendota heights, MN255
94thMissy C. from Eagan, MN255
94thRandy B. from New Market, MN255
94thRobert G. from Hastings, MN255
99thJesse P. from Woodbury, MN250
100thAnthony H. from South St. Paul, MN245
100thBob L. from So st paul, MN245
100thRon D. from Inver Grove Heights, MN245
103rdBrandon J. from Eden Prairie, MN240
103rdJeremy K. from Cottage Grove, MN240
105thWALTER W. from OAKDALE, MN195
106thDiane P. from Houston, TX185

(1) VillanovaRound: 15
(8) WisconsinRound: 15
(5) VirginiaRound: 15
(4) FloridaRound: 15
(11) Providence or USCRound: 15
(3) BaylorRound: 15
(7) South CarolinaRound: 15
(2) DukeRound: 15
(1) GonzagaRound: 15
(8) NorthwesternRound: 15
(5) Notre DameRound: 15
(4) West VirginiaRound: 15
(11) XavierRound: 15
(3) Florida StateRound: 15
(7) Saint MarysRound: 15
(2) ArizonaRound: 15
(1) KansasRound: 15
(9) Michigan StateRound: 15
(5) Iowa StateRound: 15
(4) PurdueRound: 15
(11) Rhode IslandRound: 15
(3) OregonRound: 15
(7) MichiganRound: 15
(2) LouisvilleRound: 15
(1) North CarolinaRound: 15
(8) ArkansasRound: 15
(12) Middle TennesseeRound: 15
(4) ButlerRound: 15
(6) CincinnatiRound: 15
(3) UCLARound: 15
(10) Wichita StateRound: 15
(2) KentuckyRound: 15
(8) WisconsinRound: 210
(4) FloridaRound: 210
(3) BaylorRound: 210
(7) South CarolinaRound: 210
(1) GonzagaRound: 210
(4) West VirginiaRound: 210
(11) XavierRound: 210
(2) ArizonaRound: 210
(1) KansasRound: 210
(4) PurdueRound: 210
(3) OregonRound: 210
(7) MichiganRound: 210
(1) North CarolinaRound: 210
(4) ButlerRound: 210
(3) UCLARound: 210
(2) KentuckyRound: 210
(4) FloridaRound: 320
(7) South CarolinaRound: 320
(1) GonzagaRound: 320
(11) XavierRound: 320
(1) KansasRound: 320
(3) OregonRound: 320
(1) North CarolinaRound: 320
(2) KentuckyRound: 320
(7) South CarolinaRound: 430
(1) GonzagaRound: 430
(3) OregonRound: 430
(1) North CarolinaRound: 430
(1) GonzagaRound: 540
(1) North CarolinaRound: 540
(1) North CarolinaRound: 650

Popularity of teams picked to win
(1) North Carolina23
(1) Kansas18
(2) Duke16
(1) Villanova13
(2) Arizona10
(2) Kentucky9
(1) Gonzaga6
(3) UCLA4
(5) Minnesota3
(2) Louisville2
(5) Iowa State1
(13) Bucknell1