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Oak Marsh Golf Course
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2018 March Madness Point Totals through round 6
1stRobert H. from Saint Paul, MN455
2ndDave O. from Stillwater, MN435
3rdDoug H. from Hudson, Wi415
3rdScott E. from CF, MN415
5thBrian S. from Blaine, MN405
6thRich A. from Woodbury, MN395
7thJohn S. from Shoreview, MN380
8thSteve H. from Coon Rapids, MN375
8thWin C. from White Bear Lake, MN375
10thPhil B. from Cottage grove, MN365
10thRay H. from Oakdale, MN365
12thTony C. from Maple Grove, MN360
13thMark S. from Pequot Lakes, MN355
14thJohn S. from Appleton, WI350
15thDavid F. from Saint Paul, MN345
16thAmazing H. from Saint Paul, MN340
17thBen W. from Champlin, MN335
17thPaul G. from Sarasota, FL335
17thPhillip O. from New Richmond, WI335
17thScott G. from Shakopee, MN335
21stDon B. from Cottage grove, MN330
21stWade T. from St Paul, MN330
23rdJohn S. from Appleton, WI325
24thJohn S. from Woodbury, MN320
24thZack A. from Woodbury, MN320
26thMike H. from Oakdale, MN310
26thRandy H. from Suwanee, GA310
26thRick S. from Woodbury, MN310
26thSteve C. from Minnetonka, MN310
30thCharlie J. from Oakdale, MN305
30thKen G. from Inver Grove Heights, MN305
30thMatt H. from St Paul, MN305
30thMichael M. from Oakdale, MN305
35thRandy B. from Elko New Market, MN300
35thRobert G. from Hastings, MN300
37thBret L. from Lake Elmo, MN295
37thBruce B. from OAKDALE, MN295
37thDavid H. from Cottage Grove, MN295
37thMike A. from Lake Elmo, MN295
41stBryan H. from Woodbury, MN290
41stDAVE P. from WOODBURY, MN290
41stMark G. from Oakdale, MN290
41stRamona A. from Lake Elmo, MN290
41stTim M. from Forest Lake, MN290
46thJustin T. from Woodbury, MN285
47thGeorge A. from Oakdale, MN280
47thGlen B. from South St Paul, MN280
47thGreg S. from New Brighton, MN280
47thKurt B. from Neenah, WI280
47thNate B. from Saint Paul, MN280
47thRandy L. from Oakdale, MN280
53rdAnn M. from SAINT PAUL, MN275
53rdEdward S. from Rdina, MN275
53rdPaul F. from Stillwater, MN275
53rdSamantha W. from Oakdale, MN275
57thHarrison G. from Oakdale, MN270
58thJeff A. from Woodbury, MN265
58thJosh R. from Woodbury, MN265
58thMatt A. from Oakdale, MN265
58thRod V. from Oakdale, MN265
58thRyan C. from St. Paul, MN265
63rdDoug K. from Cottage Grove, MN260
63rdKevin F. from Woodbury, MN260
63rdMarcus S. from Saint Paul, MN260
66thAllan G. from Woodbury, MN255
66thBryan J. from New Brighton, MN255
66thScott S. from Vadnais Heights, MN255
69thAnthony H. from South St. Paul, MN250
69thJill C. from Mahtomedi, MN250
69thKristian K. from MINNEAPOLIS, MN250
72ndDanielle P. from Oakdale, MN245
73rdJack K. from Prior Lake, MN240
73rdJennifer L. from Woodbury, MN240
73rdJohn S. from Appleton, WI240
76thErin F. from Woodbury, MN225
76thJason F. from St Paul, MN225
78thBryan O. from EAGAN, MN220
78thDaniel T. from Cottage Grove, MN220
78thJim L. from Woodbury, MN220
78thMegan C. from St. Paul, MN220
82ndJustin O. from Champlin, MN215
82ndMichael K. from Cottage Grove, MN215
84thCory S. from Hugo, MN210
84thMatt A. from White Bear Lake, MN210
86thDonna K. from Cottage Grove, MN205
86thRon N. from Bloomington, MN205
88thPaul D. from Centerville, MN200
88thSean M. from Blaine, MN200
90thJeff H. from Blaine, MN185
91stDan L. from St. Paul Park, MN180
91stMegan S. from Saint Paul, MN180
93rdRick B. from Cottage Grove, MN175
94thRyan P. from Vadnais Heights, MN165

(16) UMBCRound: 15
(9) Kansas St.Round: 15
(5) KentuckyRound: 15
(13) BuffaloRound: 15
(11) Loyola-ChiRound: 15
(3) TennesseeRound: 15
(7) NevadaRound: 15
(2) CincinnatiRound: 15
(1) XavierRound: 15
(9) Florida StRound: 15
(5) Ohio St.Round: 15
(4) GonzagaRound: 15
(6) HoustonRound: 15
(3) MichiganRound: 15
(7) Texas A&MRound: 15
(2) N. CarolinaRound: 15
(1) VillanovaRound: 15
(9) AlabamaRound: 15
(5) West VirginiaRound: 15
(13) MarshallRound: 15
(6) FloridaRound: 15
(3) Texas TechRound: 15
(10) ButlerRound: 15
(2) PurdueRound: 15
(1) KansasRound: 15
(8) Seton HallRound: 15
(5) ClemsonRound: 15
(4) AuburnRound: 15
(11) ASU/SYRRound: 15
(3) Michigan St.Round: 15
(7) Rhode IslandRound: 15
(2) DukeRound: 15
(9) Kansas St.Round: 210
(5) KentuckyRound: 210
(11) Loyola-ChiRound: 210
(7) NevadaRound: 210
(9) Florida StRound: 210
(4) GonzagaRound: 210
(3) MichiganRound: 210
(7) Texas A&MRound: 210
(1) VillanovaRound: 210
(5) West VirginiaRound: 210
(3) Texas TechRound: 210
(2) PurdueRound: 210
(1) KansasRound: 210
(5) ClemsonRound: 210
(11) ASU/SYRRound: 210
(2) DukeRound: 210
(9) Kansas St.Round: 320
(11) Loyola-ChiRound: 320
(9) Florida StRound: 320
(3) MichiganRound: 320
(1) VillanovaRound: 320
(3) Texas TechRound: 320
(1) KansasRound: 320
(2) DukeRound: 320
(11) Loyola-ChiRound: 430
(3) MichiganRound: 430
(1) VillanovaRound: 430
(1) KansasRound: 430
(3) MichiganRound: 540
(1) VillanovaRound: 540
(1) VillanovaRound: 650

Popularity of teams picked to win
(1) Virginia26
(1) Villanova12
(2) Duke12
(3) Michigan St.11
(1) Kansas10
(2) N. Carolina8
(2) Purdue4
(1) Xavier4
(4) Arizona3
(4) Gonzaga1
(4) Wichita St.1
(2) Cincinnati1
(3) Michigan1